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Before we tell you some details about how to bring inventory, we’d like to share a couple of facts with you.

  • FLIP opened for business on June 6, 2005. We take great pride in operating our business in an honest and open manner.
  • We have thousands of inventory clients.
    • Many are repeat clients
    • Many have been bringing us inventory since we first opened
    • We have inventory clients from the Nashville area and out-of-state

Now let’s talk about our inventory process:

  • Inventory is accepted between the hours of 11AM – 7PM (Mon-Sat) & 12PM-5PM (Sun)
  • No appointment necessary.
  • When you bring your inventory:
    • Park on the side of the building and leave your inventory in the car
    • Walk to the front counter and let an employee know you are here with inventory
    • Please allow us 15-20 minutes to gather information and do a preliminary review of your inventory.
  • Inventory must be seasonal. To see a guideline click here.
  • There are certain designer labels and sizes we prefer, to see a list click here.
  • Each individual item must have sold in the retail market for $75 or more.
  • Inventory must be current style (within the last 2 years)
  • Inventory needs to be “buyer ready” which means direct from the dry cleaner or freshly laundered on hangers.
  • If you are outside the Nashville area and looking to bring/ship inventory, please call us @ 615-256-3547.
  • If you still have any questions you can:

We sincerely appreciate you reading the details of how to bring inventory.  While we are extremely selective in the inventory we accept, doing so allows us to sell what we keep and sell those items at the best price possible. We look forward to your visit!